Three of Swords Tarot Card Pendant on 20" Chain

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Three of Swords Tarot Card Pendant on 20" Chain


Artist: Sofia Zakia

Your destiny awaits in the form of these timeless tarot tiles depicting your every yearning and embodying all key principals core to our human lives. Ancient perception has it that each tile channels your every desire, so set your soul essence free to guide your choice. It may be that in discovering all of your many dilemmas, you may just embrace more than one of these beauties!

The Three of Swords encourages resolution and healing after sorrow in your life journey.

Designed from a mixture of original drawings by Sofia Zakia, as well as classical decks by Jean Francois Alliette and Brian Williams, each card is engraved on both sides (both sides of the pendant shown in the first image) and is hand-oxidized to bring out their etchings. The reverse side of each card portrays the sun and waxing and waning moons.

Three of Swords

A sacred heart, symbolic of emotion and beauty, suspended in the air, is pierced by three swords. The swords represent power and the ability to cut through difficult times. The Three of Swords is a card reflective of a strength that comes from pain and sorrow – lessons learned and hearts mended. The Three of Swords serves as a reminder that pain is a learning opportunity, and all wounds heal with time. Remove your heart from a place of darkness, pull the swords from it and mend it with care and time. Allow yourself to release and cleanse yourself of sorrow and negative emotions so to continue on your destiny and the ability to move forward with your life.


Made by hand in Montreal, solid 14K gold

Each card measures 23mm x 12mm and is made of 0.9mm solid 14K gold.


Sold on a 20" chain solid 14K gold chain.

Pictured on the 20" chain – 1.3mm cable chain.

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