Behind THEIR Counters- Small Business Saturday Edition


The holiday season is officially here!  It's time to gather together with friends and family to give thanks and celebrate one another.  It is also the holiday shopping season.  With more and more big box stores and chains popping up in communities across the country, it is an important time of year to remember your small, local, specialty stores.  

Shopping local has many, many benefits, including strengthening your local economy, creating more jobs in the area and creating a diverse, vibrant community.  Small business owners are experts in their crafts, spending tireless hours researching the best brands and products and how to create unforgettable experiences for their customers.  I know that at Thistle & Bess, we are constantly curating a unique collection of goods in order to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.  

When you gather with your loved ones this week for Thanksgiving, please consider showing your local businesses some love.  In Ann Arbor in particular, we are so lucky to have such a lively community of small businesses.  It is thanks to thoughtful consumers in our communities that this thriving collection of small businesses exists and we are so appreciative to be a part of it at T&B.  

This week for behind the counter, we went to some of our favorite local businesses to ask the owners our usual questions behind THEIR counters.  If you haven't visited these businesses, check them out the next time that you are in Ann Arbor.  You won't be disappointed!  Thanks to Heavenly Metal, Sic Transit Cycles, Today Clothing, Spencer Ann Arbor, Sweet Heather Anne and The Lunch Room for playing along with us!  

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much for shopping small this holiday season!