Holiday Window 2018

We are so, so excited about our 2018 holiday window! Our inspiration was was Sofia Coppola’s film, Marie Antoinette, meets Gucci, meets artist Luke Edward Hall. We love any chance to geek out on history and we really went for it with this one. Watch the video below to learn about our inspiration, as well as some random historical facts about Marie Antoinette and Staffordshire Dogs!

Window Painting by Erica Kane Fink

Window Painting by Erica Kane Fink

Put a Ring on It


Engagement season is officially here! We have been working with our fine jewelry designers to create a beautiful selection of unusual engagement rings for the modern bride. We don’t carry super traditional options. Instead think colorful stones, whimsical settings and delicate wedding bands, all handmade by independent jewelers from around the world. Since we see a spike in engagements during the months of November and December, we thought it might be helpful to outline the ordering process for engagement rings (or any fine jewelry rings for that matter!).

-We work with three main designers for our bridal collection: Sofia Zakia, Claus Jewelry and Alex Monroe. Check out out our online shop to get a feel for their work. Looking for something colorful and romantic? Sofia is your designer. Are you more modern and prefer clean lines? Claus Jewelry might be a great fit for you. Love nature and whimsy? Alex Monroe creates the most delicate creations with a nod to the natural world.

-We always order our rings in a size 7. Are you a size 7? Lucky you! Not a size 7? No worries! We work directly with our designers and can custom order any size. The typical turnaround time for a piece is 4-6 weeks, although it can take a bit longer during the busy holiday season.

-Don’t know your ring size? Come let us size you. Are you secretly trying to find the ring size of your loved one? Sneak one of their other rings and trace the inside on a piece of paper. That can at least get us a general range of size to base our order off of.

-Have you seen a piece on Instagram by one of our designers that we don’t have in the shop? Again, no worries! We are happy to order any piece from their line and some of our designers even offer some custom options as well. Just ask!

We believe that we have created a perfectly magical collection of engagement rings for brides who are looking for something out of the ordinary. We would love to help you pick out your perfect forever piece.


T&B Home- Floral Mural

Photos by Cat Buswell

Photos by Cat Buswell

In 2016 I purchased the most charming tiny house in the Water Hill neighborhood of Ann Arbor.   Upon entering, my absolute favorite room was the entryway.  It was so open and bright and welcoming.  It instantly gave me a good vibe.   After purchasing the house, I spent the next year giving it a full facelift.  I basically gutted the first floor, but left the entryway as it was.  It really didn’t need much work; just a fresh coat of white paint initially did the trick.


The bright, white entryway pre-mural

The bright, white entryway pre-mural

After moving into the house, I started brainstorming different ways to better showcase that gorgeous entryway.  Although it was still bright and welcoming, it seemed to lack personality.  It is a particularly challenging space to hang art, so it basically remained a blank slate of white walls.  I decided that I wanted to install wallpaper and obsessively started looking at patterns.  While searching for wallpapers, I came across a pattern that my dear friend, Kimmy Scafuro, had designed for Anthropologie.  It was a beautiful painted floral design on a dark background.  I decided that that pattern was the winner!  I loved it!  I reached out to Kimmy to tell her that her wallpaper was the one and jokingly mentioned that if she was up for hand painting a similar pattern on the walls in my entryway in a mural form, I would be game.  She laughed at the thought and we moved on from the discussion.  About a week later, Kimmy reached out and said that she was up for the challenge and wanted to paint a mural in my home.


Kimmy’s  wallpaper pattern for Anthropologie  that I was going to initially use

Kimmy’s wallpaper pattern for Anthropologie that I was going to initially use

In preparation for the mural, I created a Pinterest board of all of my favorite flowers and plants: peonies, anenomies, poppies, nasturtium and more.  Kimmy started making a collage with those photos and slowly coming up with a pattern that she liked.  She then painted a large-scale draft of the pattern on paper so we could get the color palette and flower placement correct.  After a few tiny tweaks, we landed on the design that we both loved. 


Kimmy then came to Michigan and painted daily for a week straight.  Mural painting is very time consuming and body straining work!  We had initially planned to have the pattern go all the way up the stairs to the second floor, but once Kimmy started painting we quickly realized that that plan was not realistic.   We decided to have the pattern phase out as it approached the stairs.


The finished product is beyond magical.  My entryway finally has the charm and quirk that it deserves.  I have a bright, cheery flower garden blooming year round.  I am especially excited to have this in my home during the dark and gloomy winter months in Michigan.  A pop of bright color to brighten the gray days.  Most importantly, I have a one of a kind, original work of art painted by one of my dearest friends.  How cool is that? 

Behind the Counter with Deirdre Skiles of Detroit Rose

Deirdre .jpg

Today we would like to feature Deirdre Skiles of Detroit Rose, a candle and skincare brand based in Detroit, MI. We collaborated with Deirdre to make our T&B signature candle, which is a romantic blend of rose, cardamom, bergamot and amber. Join us at the Detroit Rose studio to hear the inspiration behind our candle, as well as tips for pouring your own candles at home.

Most Frequently Asked Questions at T&B!


Today on Behind the Counter we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from customers when they visit the shop. We probably get the MOST questions about our gorgeous book wallpaper that is behind the shop counter. I had personally been a huge fan of this Brunschwig & Fils design for quite some time. When I started renovating the shop, using this paper was the first design decision that I made and I’m so glad that I did. I still adore it 📚 Check out some of the other FAQs below!

Behind the Counter with Erica Kane Fink!


Today we would like to feature maker extraordinaire, Erica Kane Fink! Erica holds a BFA specializing in printmaking and mixed media painting from the University of Michigan. She is a woman of many talents, making these colorful bead and tassel necklaces that we carry in the shop, along with weavings, paintings and ceramics. Erica will be teaching a beginning weaving class at the shop in February. Her unique style, easily recognized by its creative use of color and patterns, explores themes of nostalgia, family and home. If that wasn’t enough, Erica is also a musician and plays in the band Eric and Erica. Learn some more about Erica in our latest episode of Behind the Counter below and check out her work the next time that you are in the shop.

Behind the Counter with Kimmy Scafuro of Kimmy Makes Things

Today we would like to introduce you to the woman behind the cat butts and tiny prints, Kimmy Scafuro of Kimmy Makes Things!  Kimmy trained at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and is now based in Philadelphia. She is most well known for her cat and corgi butt goods and the very popular tiny art prints of people like Beyoncé and Obama. She also paints custom portraits, and painted both the dog and Tenenbaum family portraits at the shop. What you maybe don’t know about Kimmy is that she designs textiles and prints for Anthropologie, she has two sassy cats, and she is one of my absolute dearest friends. Find out some more about Kimmy in our first VIRTUAL (!) edition of Behind the Counter from Philly below!